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Vision Statement of Hummelstown United Church of Christ

We are a vibrant and progressive Christian community embracing inclusivity and diversity with all who seek to enrich their spiritual journey. Using the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Still Speaking God, we seek to engage the world through worship, education, ministry, mission, and love.

Journey to Open & Affirming 2014-2017

Official Certification by ONA committee July 12, 2017

Two and a half years ago, The United Church of Christ of Hummelstown began to explore a deeper aspect of our spiritual journey together. Based on basic justice concerns and commitment to open hearted hospitality, we began to discuss and reflect theologically on the meaning of becoming an Open and Affirming congregation. Though as a congregation, we understood ourselves as already open to diversity, we began to realize the significance of a public statement that held our progressive Christianity and our commitment to affirm all God’s children together as our particular mission.

Open & Affirming Covenant Statement


My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. ~~ Jesus Christ (John 15:12)

Recognizing there are those who have known the pain of discrimination in the church and society, we invite everyone to experience God’s love here. The United Church of Christ of Hummelstown affirms all persons are created in the image of God and so welcome the full inclusion of all people in the communion, life, and ministries of this community of faith seekers. We celebrate and embrace diversity of faith journey, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, national origin, age, relationship status, physical or mental ability, and political affiliation. We proclaim this statement of inclusion – no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

Our Heritage and History

The roots or our congregation extend back to the early 1700s when German Reformed families began emigrating to and settled throughout this region of Pennsylvania. Our forebears were a proud, hearty, deeply religious, persevering and liberty loving lot.  The Reformed Church in America has the distinction of being one of the earliest organized Christian religious administrations, with a long history of vigorously promoting and fighting for social justice.

The Hummelstown Reformed Church was officially founded in 1766. Hummelstown’s Reformed and Lutheran congregations initially worshiped in union, first in a log structure that burned in 1817 and afterwards in a two story stone structure which continues to exist (now known as the Parish House, the original home and current museum of the Hummelstown Historical Society).  In 1855 the Reformed congregation, after significant prayer and deliberation, took a step in faith and decided to undertake erecting their own church to worship in.  A two story brick church served as their home from 1855 until Sunday, June 28, 1908 when Dedication Services were held for our current structure which is built with brownstone from the Hummelstown Brownstone Quarry, which in the early 1900s provided much sought after and prized brownstone building materials through-out the east coast.  The current church building stands as a testament to our forebears’ faithful commitment to their religious foundation, stewardship and love of God.  As proud as we are of our beautiful sanctuary, with glorious stained glass windows depicting Christ’s life and pipe organ encouraging praise to God, inviting us to enter into a worshipful mood, we recognize that more importantly it is the people in the sanctuary that are the actual ‘church.’

In 1957, a significant event occurred in the life of our congregation when the Evangelical & Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches joined together to newly form the United Church of Christ and we became the United Church of Christ of Hummelstown. We take pride in our affiliation with the United Church of Christ’s continuation of the Reformed tradition of advancing social justice causes.

Over the years we’ve respectfully maintained the historical ambiance of our structure while at the same time updating and modernizing, with the addition of an elevator and unisex restrooms on all levels, to assure it is an accessible facility for all.