Gift Team Board
The Gift Team Board is comprised of members of each Team. Current members are; Bill Shumway, John Horn(Chair), Linda Vignati(Secretary), RalphVignati,Thelma Shumway, Shannon Williard, and Wendy Whitehaus Cole.
The Board meets monthly on the last Thursday of the month.
Administrative Team
The Administrative Team is responsible for the stewardship of our church’s resources (business, financial, organizational) and aiding individuals to identify and develop their gifts.
Activities such as our scholarship program, the current campaign for the refinished stained glass windows, and the annual budget fall under the Administrative Team.
Nurturing Team
Welcoming, inviting, caring for and assisting both present disciples and guests. This team provides comfort for those in need spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 
Outreach Team
Service in the wider community through projects, activities, dialogue and media. We accomplish this through a wide variety of projects including; support of the Hummelstown Food Bank, American Red Cross Blood Drive, Crop Walk, Relay for life, Rebuilding Together, Recycle/Reuse campaigns, Christmas Caroling, Community Breakfast with Santa and Easter Egg Hunt.
Witness Team
Sharing our faith through worship and Education; encouraging and challenging one another on our faith journeys. Currently 2 Adult Faith Formation Classes are meeting; 
Life and Times of the Early church
A discussion course about the world that existed from the first century BC until through the third century AD. and how it affected the early church.  It is based on a book called Zealot by Reza Aslan. 
The Classics: Psalm 23
A discussion course based on the book Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller.
Administrative Office
Mary Lou is the HUCC church secretary. She supports HUCC’s daily administrative activities, publishes our newsletters, and supports our pastoral team. She is available to provide information if you have further questions regarding our services and or inquiries about building rental. You may reach Paul at