Welcome to the Pastor’s Corner. We are privileged to have the Reverend  Dr. Priscilla Denham as our designated pastor. She has a of B.A. in philosophy from Baylor University, and M. Div. in Biblical Studies from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, and a D. Ministry in Spiritual Direction from the University of Creation Spirituality. 
She is a Certified Supervisor with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education: Fellow (Retired) with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors; Clinical Member for 20 years with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
Two threads run throughout Rev. Denham’s spirituality and ministry, “We are all God’s beloved children” and hospitality. Whether serving as a chaplain in trauma or psychiatric hospitals, doing pastoral therapy in counseling centers, serving Elders in retirement communities, teaching in a classroom or clinical placement, Spiritual Companioning, or pastoring a church – she has felt privileged to journey with others in the learnings, losses, and celebrations of their lives. You may contact Rev. Denham pastor@hummelstownucc.org
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Post .April 19, 2017

 Love One Another. Really.

This week I’ve been thinking about love. Partly because every year I fall in love with creation again as all the fresh shades of green/pink/yellow flaunt themselves from what were bare branches and earth. However, I have been also focusing on St. John’s version of Jesus’ last night with his disciples. John describes Jesus insisting that loving each other is THE thing. He commands it, even as he calls them friends. He demonstrates it by washing their feet. He comforts them with assurances of his love. Over and over, he persists — Love one another.

Somehow this led me to consider – Is there a difference in Unconditional Love and Really Loving Someone For Who They Are? What do you think? Have you had experiences you would describe as one or the other? Let’s spend some time thinking/feeling/receiving love this spring. Then let’s talk about it.

Blessings Always,

Pastor Priscilla


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