Welcome to the Pastor’s Corner. We are privileged to have the Reverend  Dr. Priscilla Denham as our designated pastor. She has a of B.A. in philosophy from Baylor University, and M. Div. in Biblical Studies from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, and a D. Ministry in Spiritual Direction from the University of Creation Spirituality. 
She is a Certified Supervisor with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education: Fellow (Retired) with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors; Clinical Member for 20 years with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
Two threads run throughout Rev. Denham’s spirituality and ministry, “We are all God’s beloved children” and hospitality. Whether serving as a chaplain in trauma or psychiatric hospitals, doing pastoral therapy in counseling centers, serving Elders in retirement communities, teaching in a classroom or clinical placement, Spiritual Companioning, or pastoring a church – she has felt privileged to journey with others in the learnings, losses, and celebrations of their lives. You may contact Rev. Denham pastor@hummelstownucc.org
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May 2017


              Yesterday I found myself staring down at an old quilt. Heavily worn (by a former owner), this patchwork of colors and prints still is lovely in my eyes. Having altered it once to remove torn places in the middle, I am now trying to envision cutting it, using the edges to create valences in my new/old house. I was suddenly struck with how this is the task of every new generation in a church. To honor and love what still works (theologically, spiritually, and physically) and to re-cycle/re-purpose what is helpful/needed for current circumstances. Some parts of a church may need to be removed (like the vestigial appendix). All of a church needs to be looking at the church programs and activities to see how the gospel of God’s love can be shared, willing to help with the changes necessary to set the spirit free in the current place and time. We have just articulated a beautiful inclusive and welcoming Vision Statement. How do we use (or let go of) what we now have to insure this message is shared with the world outside our doors?

Blessings Always,

Pastor Priscilla


Please feel free to download our Pastoral Leadership Sermons, may the spirit of God be with you as you listen

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